Change Managers With Integrity

Our History

The Fighting 369th of NY and NJ in World War 1, was the only American unit left on the battlefield for 161 days without relief. They did not give any ground or lose any prisoners. They were named the “Hellfighters” by the German enemy soldiers in recognition of their bravery.

The photo shows members of the 369th on the voyage home at the end of World War 1.

Our service is dedicated to the memory of Emmett L. Frazier, Sr. a member of the Fighting 369th of NY & NJ. The Harlem Hellfighters left a legacy of intellect, integrity, courage, humor and caring that we model in the work with clients and our lives…. 

Dr. Allison Frazier Jackson,

President, AJA


Founded in 1979 by Dr. Allison Jackson to provide market research to AT&T Communications Research and Bell Laboratories, we have grown to a network of change management, communications, information technology  (ICT), engineering and social responsibility advisor's affiliated with 9 international firms. 

AJA Success Over 36 Years


Sample Work for Clients

1979 to 1989

Market research, market analysis, group facilitation for decision makers for these clients: 


AT&T Communications Research

AT&T Laboratories

Sprint UTS

Atlantic City Casino Hotel Association

American Chemical Society


Served as Assistant Dean, Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science (1986-1992) on research, communication, and events for 13 emerging technologies.  


1990 to 2000

Focus group administration, user experience analysis, organization development, demographics / psycho-graphics / behavioral analysis /geographic analyses  for clients:

Upjohn Pharmaceuticals,


Plainfield Health Center (FQHC),

American Chemical Society,

National Telecom Benchmarking Committee

2000 to 2005

Benchmarking global products / services; global planning; supply chain analysis for:


Quality Systems Advisor AT&T Labs;

State of New Jersey, Office of Information Technology facilitating NJ Strategic Plan for IT

Rutgers University Development Office Plans

2006 to 2013









2014 to 2016

-Led first STEM +Arts initiative for county-wide high school systems;

-Designed Entrepreneurial STEM for Detroit, MI low income students 

-Led national study for Cisco Systems on the changing landscape of U.S. higher education on 2600 colleges and universities framing 21 major changes occurring today for students.

-Led change effort for the EIRC Foundation targeting 581 school districts for STEM

Led as State Champion the organization, Project Charter, and measurement planning for a statewide initiative for girls, young women, and underrepresented groups seeking STEM education, credentials or jobs. 



 Dr. Allison Frazier Jackson